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Biography of the Respectable Mariner: Jacques CartierJacques Cartier

Name: Jacques Cartier

Born: December 31st, 1491 in St. Malo, France

Died: September 1st, 1557 in St. Malo France

Profession: A French Navigator and sea explorer

Goal: Wanted to find a northwestern passage to Asia

Achievements: The first European to travel inland in North America, claimed Canada for France                                        

Marriage: Jacques Cartier was married to Mary Catherine des Granches who was a member of a leading family in France

Number of Voyages: Three. He was sent by King Francis I.

First Voyage (Time/Ship): 1534

I.            The Grande Hermine (Gifted by the King of France to Cartier)

Second Voyage (Time/Ship): 1535-1536; Ships:

 I.            The Grande Hermine

II.            The Petit Hermine (ship was abandoned in 1536 springtime because too many sailors died during the winter in Quebec) 

III.            The Emerillon.

Third Voyage (Time/Ship): 1541-1542; Ships:

 I.            The Grande Hermine

II.            The Emerillon

III.            The Georges